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About Us


What is Clube Bitcoin?

We’ve had enough of outrageous fees that exchanges charge, so we decided to create Clube Bitcoin, an exchange where members can buy and sell cryptocurrency, without any extra charges.

Club members will be able to enjoy ZERO-FEE negotiations, deposits and withdrawals.

This way, you get to keep the money that you previously spent on fees. It’s great for those who buy and those who sell!

Only Club Members will be exempt from fees, other users will continue paying fees as before. We can only have a limited amount of Members, so it’s advisable to join as soon as possible!



O Clube Bitcoin will consist of Founding Members, which will be selected through a process known as ICO.
By means of the ICO, you will be able to acquire our Cryptocurrency, which is also known as the Utility Token and which will give you the right to discounts and exemptions from fees on the negotiation platform.

Only Club Members will be exempt from fees, other users will continue paying fees as before. We can only have a limited amount of Members, so it’s advisable to join as soon as possible!


For more details, download our White Paper. Also check out our project timeline below.

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O Clube Bitcoin is the first network of its kind, where Founding Members don’t pay fees. Although it is not a conventional exchange, recent exchange ICOs are a good parameter to use when assessing the project’s probability to succeed.

Check out the links for two Broker success stories, that became successful by means of an ICO. KuCoin is one of Asia’s largest brokers and Binance became the world’s largest broker in only 6 months.


Below are the main stages in which the project is being executed.

ICO LAUNCH (May 2018)

  • May 5th - Site launch.
  • May 9th - pre-ICO start


  • July 1st - First version of the platform released
    • It is already being developed
    • Only available for founding members


  • Jul-2018 - Members will choose the platform’s new currency
  • Aug-2018 - Development 2.0 finished


  • Sept-2018 - CBTX Tokens integrated into the platform
  • Sept-2018 - Distribution of CBTX Tokens to Members


  • Set-2018 - Platform available to all users
  • 2019 - Expansion to Latin America

The Tokens

The amount of tokens is limited and additional tokens will not be issued later.
Token Name

Token CBTX

Final Cost

0,000021 ETH

Amount of tokens



Ethereum ERC-20

  • Reserve Fund (30%)
  • Public Distribution (50%)
  • Awards and Bonuses (19%))
  • Advisors (1%)

Utility type Tokens will be used and will be created in the Ethereum Blockchain, using the ERC-20 standard, which is accepted in the majority of the world’s exchanges.

Half of the tokens will be made available for acquisition by the community and the other half will be distributed as bonuses, the referral program, advisors and the reserve fund.

The tokens are divided in four batches, each with different values, established in relation with the Ethereum. The first batches are smaller and have larger discounts, and due to this they will provide the first ICO participants with a considerable advantage.

In addition, members that join the club earlier will receive a bonus that will be proportional to the amount of acquired CBTX tokens and will adhere to the timeline below.

  • 0.000008 ETH (30.000.000 tokens)
  • 0.000013 ETH (50.000.000 tokens)
  • 0.000017 ETH (70.000.000 tokens)
  • 0.000021 ETH (100.000.000 tokens)


until may 27th


until june 12th


until june 28th


until july 14th



Valdiney Pimenta (CEO)

With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computation from one of Latin America’s main universities (UNICAMP), Pimenta is a serial entrepreneur. His achievements include developing and successfully selling two companies. He is the founder of the site MinhaConexão and his investment portfolio includes dozens of startups, check some of them out below:

André Hamada P. de Barros (COO)

With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of Latin America’s best universities (UNICAMP). He has worked in the field of Project Management, but what he truly enjoys are financing, marketing and cryptocurrencies.


Clube Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange, focused on the Latin American market. Our objective is to become Latin America’s best exchange, beginning with commission fee exemption for members.
They are encrypted monetary units or tokens. Such units are highly protected against falsification, this is because their information is encrypted and cannot be copied.
It is an acronym for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a way of increasing capital by means of a campaign that is similar to crowdfunding.
The main difference between ICO and crowdfunding is that ICO rewards the user for taking part in the project, by offering virtual currencies and services that can be acquired with it.
Once the ICO process is over, the tokens can be used on a platform or negotiated in exchanges. In this manner, according to the law of supply and demand, the market determines its fair value.
CBTX token sales begin on April 9th, during the phase which is called the pre-ICO. During this phase, the user will receive a 60% bonus in the first 24 hours.
The user will also receive 10% of the tokens acquired by those the user referred. For more information, read our White Paper.
The initial batches begin at 0.000008ETH per token unit and can reach up to 0.000021. The value increases with the amount of packages sold (1 package = 10,000 tokens). For more information, read our White Paper.
The CBTCX tokens, also called “Utility tokens”, will exempt those, who have them in their possession, from commission fees that are normally charged during negotiations, withdrawals and deposits.
No, the CBTX tokens will NOT be consumed by the platform while you use it. All that is required is to keep them in your wallet in order to receive fee exemptions and discounts. You will be able to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies whenever you wish and your token amount will remain unchanged. Unless, of course, you decide to sell your CBTX tokens! ;)
The CBTCX tokens will be available for negotiation on Clube Bitcoin’s own platform when the ICO ends, as well as the bonuses received.
These tokens will be automatically made available in the user’s wallet. Until then, in order to find out how many Tokens you have, all you need to do is access the ICO Panel using your credentials.

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